Lemnos is the eighth largest island of Greece with an area of 476 square kilometers, the fourth in coastline length(260 miles). Located in the northern Aegean Sea, the Thracian Sea, between the Mount Athos, Samothrace, Imbros and Lesbos. Together with Agios Efstratios are the province of Lemnos Lesvos.

The capital and main port of Lemnos Myrina, named after the wife of the first king of the island, Thoas. By 1955 the Myrina was called Castle, a name which prevailed during the late Byzantine period and even so called a typical of the oldest Lemnos.

Lemnos is a volcanic island. Although it has forests, has extensive plains cultivated with cereals and vines. It also has beautiful and clean beaches and is an ideal island for tranquil holidays.

The main occupations of the inhabitants is farming, agriculture and fisheries. Also, tourism, trade and maritime occupations. The island’s population is about 18,000 inhabitants (2001).

Spend your holidays at Lemnos Island and live moments of true relaxation and pleasure while watching one of the most beautiful sunsets og the medeterranean sea.

Do not miss

  • +30 san beaches
  • Moudros bay
  • Myrina port
  • Local food and drinks


  • Swimming and diving
  • Trekking
  • Historic monuments
  • Sunbathing and relaxing