Live The Dream

Our Luxurious apartments consists of two complexes and are stand up to the top of a small Cliff, in a very unique point that can offer an unstoppable panoramic sea view of the Platys bay, one of the most distinguished and full organized beaches of our beautiful island and can be the perfect destination for your vacations.

Main complex

ILIOVASILEMA APARTMENTS Aρ. γνωστοποίησης: 1110135 (ver.4), 123466 ΠΙΣΙΝΑΣ

The main complex has a Reception – pool and 14 fully equipped supreme apartments of modern aesthetics, four of which can accommodate up to six people and are double space. The remaining 10 Supreme single-space apartments have a double bed and a spacious modern double sofa bed. They also have a kitchen with all the necessary utensils, a microwave oven, an air-condition LED TV refrigerator and a free Wireless internet connection.

Secondary complex

ILIOVASILEMA II APARTMENTS Aρ. γνωστοποίησης: 1111457 (ver.1)

 The secondary complex is located just 50 m from the main and has three single space apartments overlooking the garden and a stone villa with two bedrooms and a large living room with two sofas which are converted into double beds. It also has TV home cinema, fully equipped kitchen with oven and cooking and large refrigerator. The villa is suitable for accommodation of up to Eight people It also has a large terrace overlooking the sea.